Welcome to MicroFarms

Experience having a personal farm at your fingertips

Step - 1
Choose a microgreen you like and place an order
Step - 2

We grow the microgreens for you at our farm which takes anywhere between 7 to 30 days depending on the variety you choose

Step - 3

Once the microgreens are ready, we cut them fresh or keep them live in trays and deliver it to you the same day

How does it work?

Support Sustainable

We grow our produce in vertical farms using unconventional farming methods which saves water and averts the soil being depleted from its essential nutrients. Our growing medium is made up of sterilized coconut fibers which would otherwise go to landfills. The vertical farm also helps us increase the yield produced per square foot of land.

As you read, we are continuously evolving ourselves towards the sustainability goal. We see a foreseeable future in vertical farming which would aid in achieving food stability and security for the people of India irrespective of the weather fluctuations and invasion of predatory species.

Farm Illustration

Why Microgreens???


We undertake relentless efforts to research and grow the most flavourful and visually appealing microgreen varieties



Greens are cut carefully and delivered fresh the same day

Microgreens carry more nutrition than mature vegetables and herbs. They play an important role in keeping our bodies healthy


Why Choose Us???



Customize stem length, true leaf size and flavour profile of microgreens.

High Quality

Highest quality microgreens  grown using best raw materials & ambient conditions required for growing the greens.


Always dependable, give us an opportunity and we will make sure we live up to our reputation.


Growing greens at a vertical indoor farm at Chembur, Mumbai makes us 100% local.